Contractor Special Loan

Is for business persons who offer their product or service on a contract performance where payment from the persons who owes them is delayed by way of in completion of contract of payment is delayed on the basis of a promised future period for their debtor to make payments


  • Pay only Interest for an agreed period
  • Pay principal at an agreed period
  • Borrow for any bridging need
  • Enjoy low interest cost of 1.26%* approx.
  • Pay lump sum payment at anytime
  • No processing fees
  • Early close out; No Problem-No Penalty


  • Standard security collateral is required
  • Where primary security is inadequate consideration will be given to the added usage of secondary security packaging elements
    1. Including the completing the contract for an agreement assignment of debt receivable
    2. Agreement for floating charge on present and future assets
    3. Bank standing order

OBF Imperatives

All necessary checks to affirm the truth of all matters stated before a grant of a loan is necessary (see imperatives for other as the packaging and follow)