Taxi & Bus Operators Loan Special

Is for owners in this Industry who from time-to-time has a need for cash to effect repairs of vehicles, pay insurance and other operational expenditures and fees to which they can repay on a timely basis from income from the operation of transportation services they provide.


  • Same day processing
  • Relaxed* security/collateral required (see secondary security packaging)
  • Enjoy low interest rates of 1% approximately
  • Delayed* interest payment for up to four (4) weeks
  • No processing fees
  • Lump-sum payments possible
  • Early close out; No Problem- No Penalty


OBF will consider deferment (forbearance) of interest payments up to four week after which outstanding interest must be brought in line with both repayment conditions for principal/interest.

OBF Imperatives

All necessary checks to affirm the truth of all matters stated before a grant of a loan is necessary (see imperatives for other packaging that appears as a suit and follow)